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When WinRunner links to QuickTest to run a test, it starts QuickTest, opens the test (in minimized or displayed mode), and runs it. Detailed information about the results of the QuickTest test run are displayed in the Unified report view of the WinRunner Test Results window.

You can insert a call to a QuickTest test using the Call to QuickTest Test dialog box or by manually entering a call_ex statement.

To insert a call to a QuickTest test using the Call to QuickTest Test dialog box:

  1. Choose Insert > Call to QuickTest Test. The Call to QuickTest Test dialog box opens.
  2. To insert a call to a QuickTest test using the Call to QuickTest Test dialog box

  3. In the QuickTest test path box, enter the path of the QuickTest test or browse to it.
  4. If you are connected to TestDirector when you click the browse button, the Open from TestDirector project dialog box opens so that you can select the test from the TestDirector project. For more information on this dialog box, see “Managing the Testing Process.”

  5. Select Run QuickTest minimized if you do not want to view the QuickTest window while the test runs. (This option is supported only for QuickTest 6.5 or later.)
  6. Select Close QuickTest after running the test if you want the QuickTest application to close when the step calling the QuickTest test is complete.
  7. You can click Test Preview to view an outline of all actions in the QuickTest test or to view the complete Expert View script of any selected action.
  8. If you are connected to TestDirector, a message box may open informing you that downloading the QuickTest test from TestDirector may take some time. Click OK to download the QuickTest test. You can also clear the Show this message next time check box if you do not want to see this message again.

    The Test Preview dialog box opens.

  9. Preview the QuickTest test details and click OK in the Test Preview dialog box to close it.
  10. Click OK to close the dialog box. A call_ex statement similar to the following is inserted in your test.


The call_ex function has the following syntax:

call_ex ( QT_test_path [ , run_minimized, close_QT];

Previewing a QuickTest Test

Before you insert a call_ex statement in your test using the Call to QuickTest Test dialog box, you can preview a selected QuickTest test.

To do so, open the Call to QuickTest Test dialog box and select a test as described in “Calling QuickTest Tests”. Then click the Test Preview button.

The Test Preview window opens.

Previewing a QuickTest Test

The Test Preview window enables you to preview the QuickTest test before you insert a call to it into your WinRunner test. You cannot edit the QuickTest from this window.

The Test Preview window is divided into 3 panes:

  • Test pane—Displays a preview of the test in Tree View and Expert View formats. The Tree View pane displays an outline of the actions contained in the test. The Expert View pane displays the complete script (VBScript) of the selected action.
  • Details pane—When the Tree View tab is selected, the Details pane displays summary information about the test or selected action. When the Expert View tab is selected, the Details pane displays the captured Active Screen for the selected line in the test.
  • Data Table pane—Displays the test’s design-time data table, containing the data used for the test’s data table parameters. You can view the Global data sheet or any action sheet.

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