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You can indicate the WinRunner add-ins that are required for a test by selecting them in the Add-ins tab of the Test Properties dialog box.

Associating Add-ins with a Test

The Add-ins tab contains one check box for each add-in you currently have installed. When you begin creating a new test, the add-ins that are loaded at that time are automatically selected as the required add-ins. You can indicate which add-ins the test actually requires by changing the selected check boxes. This information reminds you or others which add-ins to load in order to successfully run this test. It also instructs TestDirector to confirm that the selected add-ins are loaded.

To associate add-ins with a test:

  1. Choose File > Test Properties to open the Test Properties dialog box.
  2. Click the Add-ins tab.
  3. Select the add-in(s) that are required for the test.

Running Tests with Add-ins from TestDirector

In addition to providing information for people running your test from WinRunner, the Add-ins tab instructs TestDirector to load the selected add-ins when it runs WinRunner tests.

When you run a test from TestDirector, TestDirector will load the add-ins selected in the Add-ins tab for the test. If WinRunner is already open, but the required add-ins are not loaded, TestDirector closes and reopens WinRunner with the proper add-ins. If one or more of the required add-ins are not installed, TestDirector displays a “Cannot open test.” error message.

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