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When you generate a function using the Function Generator, WinRunner automatically assigns values to the function’s arguments. If you generate a function by clicking a GUI object, WinRunner evaluates the object and assigns the appropriate argument values. If you choose a function from a list, WinRunner fills in default values where possible, and you type in the rest.

To assign or modify argument values for a generated function:

  1. Choose Insert > Function > From Function Generator or click the Insert Function from Function Generator button on the User toolbar to open the Function Generator dialog box.
  2. To assign or modify argument values for a generated function

  3. In the Category list, select a function category. For example, if you want to view menu functions, select menu. If you do not know which category you need, use the default all_functions, which displays all the functions listed in alphabetical order.
  4. In the Function Name list, choose a function. If you select a category, only the functions that belong to the category are displayed in the list. The generated statement appears at the top of the dialog box. Note that WinRunner automatically fills in the default argument values. A description of the function appears at the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. Click Args. The dialog box displays the arguments in the function.
  6. Function generator

  7. Assign values to the arguments. You can assign a value either manually or automatically.

To manually assign values, type in a value in the argument text box. For some text boxes, you can choose a value from a list.

To automatically assign values, click the pointing hand and then click an object in your application. The appropriate values appear in the argument text boxes.

Note that if you click an object that is not compatible with the selected function, a message informs you that the function is not applicable for the object you selected. Click OK to clear the message and return to the Function Generator.

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