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You use the generator_add_category TSL function to add a new category to the Function Generator. This function has the following syntax:

generator_add_category ( category_name );

where category_name is the name of the category that you want to add to the Function Generator.

In the following example, the generator_add_category function adds a category called “my_button” to the Function Generator:

generator_add_category ("my_button");

To add a category to the Function Generator:

  1. Open the Function Generator. (Choose Insert > Function > From Function Generator, click the Insert Function from Function Generator button on the User toolbar, or press the INSERT FUNCTION FROM FUNCTION GENERATOR softkey.)
  2. In the Category box, click function table.
  3. In the Function Name box, click generator_add_category
  4. Click Args. The Function Generator expands.
  5. In the Category Name box, type the name of the new category between the quotes. Click Paste to paste the TSL statement into your test script.
  6. Click Close to close the Function Generator.

A generator_add_category statement is inserted into your test script.

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