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When TestDirector accesses a WinRunner test, the test is downloaded from a project database to a local temporary directory, which becomes your current working directory. If the test calls another file (for example, a module or a test), and the full pathname of the called file is not specified, the current working directory becomes the relative path of the referenced file.

Therefore, WinRunner cannot open the called test.

For example, suppose a test calls the flt_lib file:

static lib_path = getvar("testname") & "\..\flt_lib";

WinRunnerlooks for the called test in the relative path. To enable WinRunner to find the correct pathname, you can:

  • change the pathname of the WinRunner called file, or
  • set direct file access for all WinRunner tests (LAN only)

Changing the Pathname of Files

To enable WinRunner to access a called file from a test, save the file in your TestDirector project and then change the pathname in your WinRunner test script.

For example, suppose you save the flt_lib file in your TestDirector project under subject\module. TestDirector now calls the file using the following statement:

static lib_path = "[TD]\Subject\module\flt_lib";

For more information on saving tests to a TestDirector project, see “Saving Tests to a Project”

Accessing WinRunner Tests Directly (LAN only)

If you are working in a local area network (LAN) environment, you can set your machine so that it provides direct file access to all WinRunner tests, regardless of their directory path. This enables you to run WinRunner tests from TestDirector without changing the directory path of other called tests.

To set the direct file access option:

  1. On the machine where WinRunner is installed, click Run on the Start menu. The Run dialog box opens.
  2. Type regedit and click OK. The Registry Editor opens.
  3. Locate the following folder:
  4. My Computer > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Mercury Interactive > TestDirector > Testing Tools > WinRunner.

  5. In the WinRunner folder, double-click DirectFileAccess. Change the value in the Value Data box to "Y".

Tip:After setting the direct access option, your Web access performance will improve while accessing WinRunner tests from TestDirector.

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