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When you run a test, WinRunner interprets your test script, line by line. The execution arrow in the left margin of the test script marks each TSL statement as it is interpreted. As the test runs, WinRunner operates your application as though a person were at the controls.

You can run your tests in three modes:

  • Verify run mode, to check your application
  • Debug run mode, to debug your test script
  • Update run mode, to update the expected results

You choose a run mode from the list on the Test toolbar. The Verify mode is the default run mode.

About Understanding Test Runs
Use WinRunner’s Test and Debug menu commands to run your tests. You can run an entire test, or a portion of a test. Before running a Context Sensitive test, make sure the necessary GUI map files are loaded.

You can run individual tests or use a batch test to run a group of tests. A batch test is particularly useful when your tests are long and you prefer to run them overnight or at other off-peak hours.

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