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When WinRunner runs tests, it simulates a human user by moving the mouse cursor over the application, clicking GUI objects and entering keyboard input. Like a human user, WinRunner must learn the GUI of an application in order to work with it.

WinRunner does this by learning the GUI objects of an application and their properties and storing these object descriptions in the GUI map. You can use the GUI Spy to view the properties of any GUI object on your desktop, to see how WinRunner identifies it.

WinRunner can learn the GUI of your application in the following ways:

  • by using the RapidTest Script wizard to learn the properties of all GUI objects in every window in your application
  • by recording in your application to learn the properties of all GUI objects on which you record
  • by using the GUI Map Editor to learn the properties of an individual GUI object, window, or all GUI objects in a window

If the GUI of your application changes during the software development process, you can use the GUI Map Editor to learn individual windows and objects in order to update the GUI map.

Before you start teaching WinRunner the GUI of your application, you should consider how you want to organize your GUI map files:

  • In the GUI Map File per Test mode, WinRunner automatically creates a new GUI map file for every new test you create.
  • In the Global GUI Map File mode, you can use a single GUI map for a group of tests.

The considerations for deciding which mode to use are discussed at the end of this chapter.

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