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The most efficient way to work in WinRunner is to organize tests into groups when you design your test suite. Each test in the group should test the same GUI objects in your application. Therefore, these tests should reference the information about GUI objects in a common repository. When a GUI object in your application changes, you need to update the information only in the relevant GUI map file, instead of updating it in every test. When you work in the manner described above, you are working in the Global GUI Map File mode.

It is possible that one test within a test-group will test certain GUI objects within a window, while another test within the same group will test some of those objects and additional ones within the same window. Therefore, if you teach WinRunner the GUI of your application only by recording, your GUI map file may not contain a comprehensive list of all the objects in the window. It is best for WinRunner to learn the GUI of your application comprehensively before you start recording your tests.

WinRunner can learn the GUI of your application in several ways. Usually, you use the RapidTest Script wizard before you start to test in order to learn all the GUI objects in your application at once. This ensures that WinRunner has a complete, well-structured basis for all your Context Sensitive tests. The descriptions of GUI objects are saved in GUI map files. Since all test users can share these files, there is no need for each user to individually relearn the GUI.

If the GUI of your application changes during the software development process, you can use the GUI Map Editor to learn individual windows and objects in order to update the GUI map. You can also use the GUI Map Editor to learn individual windows or objects. You can also learn objects while recording: you simply start to record a test and WinRunner learns the properties of each GUI object you use in your application. This approach is fast and enables a beginning user to create test scripts immediately. This is
an unsystematic method, however, and should not be used as a substitute for the RapidTest Script wizard if you plan to develop comprehensive test suites.

Note that since GUI map files are independent of tests, they are not saved automatically when you close a test. You must save the GUI map file whenever you modify it with changes you want to keep.

Similarly, since GUI map files are independent of tests, they are not automatically loaded when you open a test. Therefore, you must load the appropriate GUI map files before you run tests. WinRunner uses these files to help locate the objects in the application being tested. It is most efficient to insert a GUI_loadstatement into your startup test. When you start WinRunner, it automatically runs the startup test and loads the specified GUI map files. For more information on startup tests, see “Initializing Special Configurations.” Alternatively, you can insert a GUI_load statement into individual tests, or use the GUI Map Editor to load GUI map files manually.

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