About Running Tests from the Command Line - WinRunner

You can use the Windows Run command to start WinRunner and run a test according to predefined options. You can also save your startup options by creating a custom WinRunner shortcut. Then, to start WinRunner with the startup options, you simply double-click the icon.

Using the command line, you can:

  • start your application
  • start WinRunner
  • load the relevant tests
  • run the tests
  • specify test options
  • specify the results directories for the test

Most of the functional options that you can set within WinRunner can also be set from the command line. These include test run options and the directories in which test results are stored. You can also specify a custom.ini file that contains these and other environment variables and system parameters.

For example, the following command starts WinRunner, loads a batch test, and runs the test in verify mode:

C:Program FilesMercury InteractiveWinRunnerWRUN.EXE -t
c:atch ewclock -batch on -verify -run_minimized -dont_quit -run

The test newclock is loaded and then executed in batch mode with WinRunner minimized. WinRunner remains open after the test run is completed.

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