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You can run a group of tests unattended by creating and executing a single batch test. A batch test is a test script that contains call statements to other tests. It opens and executes each test and saves the test results.

About Running Batch Tests
A batch test looks like a regular test that includes call statements. A test becomes a “batch test” when you select the Run in batch mode option in the Run category of the General Options dialog box before you execute the test.

When you run a test in Batch mode, WinRunner suppresses all messages that would ordinarily be displayed during the test run, such as a message reporting a bitmap mismatch. WinRunner also suppresses all pause statements and any halts in the test run resulting from run time errors.

By suppressing all messages, WinRunner can run a batch test unattended. This differs from a regular, interactive test run in which messages appear on the screen and prompt you to click a button in order to resume test execution. A batch test enables you to run tests overnight or during off-peak hours, so that you can save time while testing your application.

At each break during a test run—such as after a Step command, at a breakpoint, or at the end of a test, you can view the current chain of called tests in the Call Chain pane of the Debug Viewer window. For more information, see “Viewing the Call Chain”.

When a batch test run is completed, you can view the results in the Test Results window. The window displays the results of all the major events that occurred during the run.

Note that you can also run a group of tests from the command line. For details, see “Running Tests from the Command Line.”

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