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When you work in the GUI Map File per Test mode, WinRunner automatically creates, saves, and loads a GUI map file with each test you create.This is the simplest way for beginners to work in WinRunner.It is not the most efficient, however.When you become more familiar with WinRunner, you may want to change to working in the Global GUI Map File mode.This mode is more efficient, as it enables you to save information about the GUI of your application in a GUI map that is referenced by several tests. When your application changes, instead of updating each test individually, you can merely update the GUI map that is referenced by an entire group of tests.

The GUI Map File Merge Tool enables you to merge multiple GUI map files into a single GUI map file.Before you can merge GUI map files, you must specify at least two source GUI map files to merge and at least one GUI map file as a target file.The target GUI map file can be an existing file or a new (empty) file.

You can work with this tool in either automatic or manual mode.

  • When you work in automatic mode,the merge tool merges the files automatically. If there are conflicts between the merged files, the conflicts are highlighted and you are prompted to resolve them.
  • When you work in manual mode, you must add GUI objects to the target file manually. The merge tool does not highlight conflicts between the files.

In both modes, the merge tool prevents you from creating conflicts while merging the files.

Once you merge GUI map files, you must also change the GUI map file mode, and modify your tests or your startup test to load the appropriate GUI map files.

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