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TestDirector is a powerful test management tool that helps you systematically control the testing process. It helps you create a framework and foundation for your testing workflow.

TestDirector helps you maintain a project of tests that cover all aspects of your application’s functionality. Every test in your project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirement of your application. To meet the goals of a project, you organize the tests in your project into unique groups. TestDirector provides an intuitive and efficient method for scheduling and running tests, collecting test results, and analyzing the results.

It also features a system for tracking defects, enabling you to monitor defects closely from initial detection until resolution.

WinRunner works with TestDirector 7.x and 8.0.

TestDirector versions 7.5 and later provide version control support, which enables you to update and revise your automated test scripts while maintaining old versions of each test. This helps you keep track of the changes made to each test script, see what was modified from one version of a script to another, or return to a previous version of the test script. For more information on version control support, see “Managing Test Versions in WinRunner”.

Note:This chapter describes the integration of WinRunner with TestDirector 7.x and 8.0. For more information on working with TestDirector, refer to the TestDirector User’s Guide.

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