About Editing the GUI Map - WinRunner

WinRunner uses the GUI map to identify and locate GUI objects in your application. If the GUI of your application changes, you must update object descriptions in the GUI map so you can continue to use existing tests. You can update the GUI map in two ways:

  • during a test run, using the Run wizard
  • at any time during the testing process, using the GUI Map Editor

The Run wizard opens automatically during a test run if WinRunner cannot locate an object in the application being tested. It guides you through the process of identifying the object and updating its description in the GUI map. This ensures that WinRunner will find the object in subsequent test runs.

You can also:

  • manually edit the GUI map using the GUI Map Editor
  • modify the logical names and physical descriptions of objects, add new descriptions, and remove obsolete descriptions
  • move or copy descriptions from one GUI map file to another

Before you can update the GUI map, the appropriate GUI map files must be loaded. You can load files by using the GUI_load statement in a test script or by choosing File Open in the GUI Map Editor. See “Working in the Global GUI Map File Mode,” for more information.

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