About Customizing the Test Script Editor - WinRunner

WinRunner’s script editor lets you set display options, and personalize script editing commands.

Setting Display Options

Display options let you configure WinRunner’s test windows and how your test scripts will be displayed. For example, you can set the size of test window margins, and activate or deactivate word wrapping.

Display options also let you change the color and appearance of different script elements. These include comments, strings, WinRunner reserved words, operators and numbers. For each script element, you can assign colors, text attributes (bold, italic, underline), font, and font size. For example, you could display all strings in the color red.

Finally, there are display options that let you control how the hard copy of your scripts will appear when printed.

Personalizing Script Editing Commands

WinRunner includes a list of default keyboard commands that let you move the cursor, delete characters, cut, copy, and paste information to and from the clipboard. You can replace these commands with commands you prefer. For example, you could change the Set Bookmark [#] command from the default CTRL + K + [#] TO CTRL + B + [#].

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