About Customizing the Function Generator - WinRunner

You can modify the Function Generator to include the user-defined functions that you use most frequently. This enables you to quickly generate your favorite functions and insert them directly into your test scripts. You can also create custom categories in the Function Generator in which you can organize your user-defined functions. For example, you can create a category named my_button, which contains all the functions specific to the my_button custom class. You can also set the default function for the new category, or modify the default function for any standard category.

To add a new category with its associated functions to the Function Generator

  1. Add a new category to the Function Generator.
  2. Add new functions to the Function Generator.
  3. Associate the new functions with the new category.
  4. Set the default function for the new category
  5. Add a subcategory for the new category (optional).

You can find all the functions required to customize the Function Generator in the “function table” category of the Function Generator. By inserting these functions in a startup test, you ensure that WinRunner is invoked with the correct configuration.

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