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After you create a test script you should check that it runs smoothly, without errors in syntax or logic. In order to detect and isolate defects in a script, you can use the Step and Pause commands to control test execution. The following Step commands are available:

  • The Step command runs a single line of a test script.
  • The Step Into command calls and displays another test or user-defined function.
  • The Step Out command—used in conjunction with Step Into—completes the execution of a called test or user-defined function.
  • The Step to Cursor command runs a selected section of a test script.

In addition, you can use the Pause command or the pause function to temporarily suspend the test run.

You can also control the test run by setting breakpoints. A breakpoint pauses a test run at a pre-determined point, enabling you to examine the effects of the test on your application. You can view all breakpoints in the Breakpoints List pane of the Debug Viewer. For more information, see “Using Breakpoints.”

To help you debug your tests, WinRunner enables you to monitor variables in a test script. You define the variables you want to monitor in a Watch List. As the test runs, you can view the values that are assigned to the variables. You can view the current values of monitored variables in the Watch List pane of the Debug Viewer. For more information, see “Monitoring Variables.”

You can use the call chain to follow and navigate the test flow. At each break during a test run—such as after a Step command, at a breakpoint, or at the end of a test, you can view the current chain of called tests and functions in the Call Chain pane of the Debug Viewer. For more information, see “Calling Tests.”

When you debug a test script, you run the test in the Debug mode. The results of the test are saved in a debug folder. Each time you run the test, the previous debug results are overwritten. Continue to run the test in the Debug mode until you are ready to run it in Verify mode. For more information on using the Debug mode, see “Understanding Test Runs.”

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