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You can check an object, a window, or an area of a screen in your application as a bitmap. While creating a test, you indicate what you want to check. WinRunner captures the specified bitmap, stores it in the expected results folder (exp)of the test, and inserts a checkpoint in the test script. When you run the test, WinRunner compares the bitmap currently displayed in the application being tested with the expected bitmap stored earlier. In the event of a mismatch, WinRunner captures the current actual bitmap and generates a difference bitmap. By comparing the three bitmaps (expected, actual, and difference), you can identify the nature of the discrepancy.

Suppose, for example, your application includes a graph that displays database statistics. You could capture a bitmap of the graph in order to compare it with a bitmap of the graph from a different version of your application. If there is a difference between the graph captured for expected results and the one captured during the test run, WinRunner generates a bitmap that shows the difference, pixel by pixel.

About Checking Bitmaps

About Checking Bitmaps

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