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After you run a test, you can view the results in the Test Results window. The appearance of this window depends on the Report View option you select in the Runcategory of the General Options dialog box.

There are two types of Test Results Views:

  • WinRunner report view—Displays the test results in a Windows-style viewer.

    If you run a test that includes a call to a QuickTest test, the WinRunner report view displays only basic information about the results of the QuickTest test.

    When running tests that call QuickTest tests, it is recommended to use the Unified report view.

  • Unified report view—Displays the results in an HTML-style viewer.

The unified TestFusion report viewer is identical to the style used for QuickTest Professional test results.

If you run a test that includes a call to a QuickTest test (version 6.5 or later), the unified report view enables you to view detailed results of each step in the called QuickTest test.

Regardless of the selected report view, the test results window always contains a description of the major events that occurred during the test run, such as GUI, bitmap, or database checkpoints, file comparisons, and error messages. It also includes tables and pictures to help you analyze the results.

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