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How to share files with Windows server 2012?

Sharing files is most important feature of Windows Server. The main objective of this Sharing Files is File and Storage Services, which is found in server Manager on the left pane as displayed in the screenshot given below.
Let’s see how to create a Share in the system with its respective rights. Following steps are useful to create a share in the system.
Step 1 − Click Server Manager → then click on File and Storage Services in the Server Manager sidebar → click on Shares → click on the Shares drop-down list → click on New Share.
Step 2 – Now it will open the New Share Wizard → From here, select a type of share → I will create a very basic SMB share, so click on SMB Share – Quick. We can later configure the user rights of this share.
Step 3 − Click “Type a custom path” → click on Browse button.
Step 4 − Select the folder that you want to share → Click Select Folder.
Step 5 − Click Next.
Step 6 − You need to select one of the three options as displayed. The explanations are also mentioned alongside the check boxes, once selected → Next.
Step 7 − Click on Customize Permissions to authorize the rights that your users need to have.
Step 8 − Click on Add if you would like to add other users.
Step 9 − Click on Select a principal.
Step 10 – Now enter the object name, which is Backup Operator in this case and then → OK.
Step 11 − To this user we will give Read\Write rights, for that we will check the respective boxes and then → OK → OK → Next.
Step 12 − Click on Create.

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