Windows Server 2012 Server Roles - Windows Server 2012

What are the server roles?

This chapter explains about how to install and configure the most important ones in Windows Server 2012.
Roles and Features are the tools useful to install or activate to complete the process of IT Administration duties. Without roles is it impossible to perform your roles.
Following screen shot shows all the roles.
Following process is required to add a role in the server-
Step 1 − Click with the mouse on Server Manager on the task bar as shown in the following screenshot.
Step 2 − After opening the “Server Manager”, click on the second option “Add roles and features”.
Step 3 – Now click on the Next button.
Step 4 – Let’s select the Role-based or feature-based installation and then click on the Next button.
In the next screen that appears, you will have the following two options −
Option 1 – Choose a server from the server pool. If you want to install the services in the physical server then do as mentioned in the following screenshot.
Option 2 – Now select a virtual Hard disk to install the services in a virtual disk to store in the network storage. Following screen shot explains that.
Step 5 – Now select the service that you want to install.

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