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What is Internet Information Services (IIS) role?

The IIS or Internet Information Services role is one of the most important services in Windows Server 2012. It has different features as compared to earlier versions. It is used to publish web application or webpages.
Following steps to be followed to install the IIS Role :
Step 1 − To Install IIS role, go to “Server Manager” → then Manage → and then to Add Roles and Features.
manage (1)
Step 2 − Click on Next in the window which pops up.
before_you_begin (1)
Step 3 – Choose the Role-based or feature-based installation option and then click on Next.
installation_type (1)
Step 4 – If you install a Local IIS role then it will Select a server from the server pool → then click on Next.
server_select (1)
Step 5 − From the Roles lists, check the “Web server” (IIS) Server role → Next.
Step 6 − Click Next.
Step 7 − Click Next.
Step 8 – Select the default setting or customize them as per your needs.
Step 9 − Click Install.
Step 10 − Wait for few seconds until the Installation Wizard finishes. Once it is done click Close.
Step 11 − Check if your IIS is installed correctly. This can be done by opening your internet explorer and then typing http://localhost and you should be able to see the following screenshot.

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