Advanced Configuration - Windows Server 2012

How to create a virtual machine?

This chapter explains about how to create a virtual machine. For this you need to open the Hyper-V manager and follow the steps given below.
Step 1 − Open “Server Manager” → and then Click on “Hyper-V”.
Step 2 − Click “New” on the Right side Panel or click on Action button as mentioned in below screenshot.
Step 3 – Now double Click on the Virtual Machine option as displayed below.
Step 4 – Now a new table will be open → Type the Name of your new machine and then click Next.
Step 5 − You need to allocate the memory in the new table. Make sure that you have allocated the memory what you have in your system.
Step 6 – Go to Connection dropdown box, select physical network adaptor and click Next.
Step 7 – Let’s create a Virtual Hard disk. If you already have one, choose the second option.
Step 8 – Now select the Image of ISO that should be installed and then click Finish.
Step 9− Connect to the Virtual machine. To do so, Right Click on the machine name and then → Connect.
Step 10 − After that, the Installation of your ISO will continue.

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