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What does cortana in Windows 10?

Windows Cortana is known as Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant. It is part of Windows 10 and other Microsoft systems and devices like Windows Phones and Xbox, among others.
Cortana enables you find things in your computer, set appointments, answer questions, and many other things.
You can type a question in the search box in the Taskbar, or click the microphone icon and talk to Cortana to use Cortana in Windows.
The icons on the left-side are for −
  • Home
  • Notebook
  • Reminders
  • Feedback
You need to type or ask question in Home.

Activating Cortana

To activate Cortana you need to turn it on by typing “Cortana” in the Taskbar search to access the Cortana settings, or just clicking the “Gear” icon on the left-side of the menu.
Once Cortana is activated , it will start collecting information about you to personalize the experience.
You can also customize how Cortana responds to you.

Personalizing Cortana

You need to access the Cortana Notebook to further customize Cortana and personalize your interactions.
This notebook stores what Cortana knows about you.
You can also add reminders by either typing them or talking to Cortana.

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