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How connect with Cloud?

Windows 10 help you to sign in using an Outlook account. You can synchronizes your documents, contacts, and other things to the cloud. To sign in with Outlook, follow these steps −
Step 1 − Go to SETTINGS and choose Accounts.
Step 2 − In the ACCOUNTS window, choose “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead”.
Step 3 – Now Windows will ask for your username and password. Incase if you don’t have a Microsoft or Outlook account then it will provide a link to create an account. You can sync your documents and personal files to any compatible device, where you use that account.

Using OneDrive

Get accessed to OneDrive from your Windows 10 by signing in with a Microsoft or Outlook account. OneDrive is a free storage space in the Cloud access by every user with a given Microsoft account.
file_explorer (1)
Click on the File Explorer icon in the Taskbar to access your OneDrive from Windows.
Let’s see the link to OneDrive on the left side of the screen to open File Explorer window.
Now move documents from your local folders into OneDrive by dragging them with your mouse or your finger.
OneDrive uses different icons to show you the status of your files and folders −
green_checkmark A green checkmark means that the document or folder is in sync with the online version.
blue_double_arrow A blue double-arrow means that the document or folder is currently syncing.
red_x_markA red X means that there was some issue or problem syncing the document or folder.

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