Test Planning Fundamentals Introduction - Web Service Testing

This chapter discusses test documentation, including test plan templates and section definitions. It also explains the efficiencies of the LogiGear One-Page Test Plan, details the components of issue and weekly status reports, and lists some helpful testing considerations.

Test planning for Web applications is similar to test planning for traditional software applications; careful planning is always critically important to effective structuring and management. Test planning is an evolutionary process that is influenced by numerous factors:development schedules, resource availability, company finances, market pressures, quality risks and managerial whim.

Test planning begins with the gathering and analysis of information. First, the product under test is examined thoroughly. Schedules and goals are considered. Resources are evaluated. Once all associated information has been pulled together, test planning begins. Despite the complex and laborious nature of the test planning process, test teams are not generally given much direction by management. If a company-approved test-plan template does not exist, test teams are often simply instructed to "come up with a test plan." The particulars of planning, at least for the first draft of the test plan, are normally left up to the test team.

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