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Here are some tools that you should consider for the installation and uninstall phase of your testing project. These comparison -based testing tools compare system attributes and files both before and after installation and uninstalls.

Branching options diagram

Branching options diagram

Comparison-Based Testing Tools Look for the Addition, Deletion, or Change Of

  • Directories and files
  • Configuration data in specific files (.ini, .cfg)
  • (Windows specific) Registry information in registry database

InControl3 and InControl4
InControl3 and InControl4 track all environment changes that are performed by an installer. They track changes made to the hard disk, registry, and other configuration files (such as WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI). Figure shows InControl4.

Server-Side Installation Issues

Server-Side Installation IssuesServer-Side Installation Issues

InControl2 is similar to InControl3, except that it is designed for 16-bit environments. InControl2 can also be downloaded from ZDNet.

Norton Utilities' Registry Tracker and File Compare
These tools provide similar functionality to that of InControl3. However, these products are not shareware.


Norton Utilities' Registry Tracker and File Compare

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