Functional Tests Introduction - Web Service Testing

Functional testing is a broad category of testing. It includes a variety of testing methods such as FAST, TOFT, Boundary, FET, exploratory testing, and other attacking techniques. This chapter details some of these functional test types and relates them to Web-testing examples.
To better define the scope of functionality tests, look at various degrees of the functioning of an application:

  • FAST. Does each input and navigation control work as expected?
  • TOFT1. Can the application do something useful as expected?
  • Boundary. What happens at the edge of specified use?
  • Forced-error. What happens when an error condition occurs?
  • Exploratory. What does experience tell about the potential problematic areas in the application? This involves simultaneous learning, planning and executing tests.
  • Software attacks. Why does software fail? How do you turn lessons learned into a series of attacks to expose software failures?

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