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Web Browsers are software installed in once System. Web browsers which we generally use are, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator.

You may have using any brand of web browser to access our site Wisdom.com. Generally when you sail across through pages of information, this is normally known as web browsing or web surfing.

Few leading web browsers are – Safari, Explorer, Firefox and Netscape and many more. One might be fascinated in knowing Ample of Browser Statistics. Let us see these browsers in bit more detail.

Web page should be made in such a way that it should be able to work on almost all kind of browsers.

Google Chrome

Beta version of chrome was developed on September 2, 2008 by Google for Microsoft windows. Universal share of Chrome is more than 50% recognized to be one of the greatest popular web browser.

Internet Explorer

Software giant Microsoft developed the Internet Explorer (IE).One of the most generally used browser in the world. This was familiarized in 1995 beside with Windows 95 launch and it has approved Netscape popularity in 1998.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla derived the new browser called Firefox. It was out in 2004 and has grown-up to be the second most widely held browser on the Internet.


Apple Inc. developed the web browser called Safari and incorporated in Mac OS X. In January 2003 Apple Inc. released its first public beta. Latest technologies like XHTML, CSS2 etc. has a very good support in Safari browser.


Opera is full- featured smaller and faster than most other browsers. Fast, user-friendly, with keyboard interface, multiple windows Java and non-Java-enabled versions available. , zoom purposes and more.

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