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Fragment of your Internet address that comes after "www" is called Domain name address. For instance, in the domain name is Care should be taken to select a domain name since domain name becomes your Business Address. Domain name should be easy to recall and easy to type.

How To Get a Domain Name?

When you design to place a site online, this is one of the significant steps to buy a domain name. This is always not essential that whatever domain name you are watching that is present so in that case you will have to determine for any other good domain name.

When you buy a domain name it is recorded and when domain names are recorded they are added to a huge domain name register, and evidence about your site − including your Internet IP address is stored on a DNS server and your contact information etc. is recorded with your registrar.

Types of Domain Extension

Based on the business nature there are numerous kinds of domain extensions you can choose for your domain name.

For instance, if you are going to record a domain name for education purpose then you can choose .edu extension.

Most commonly used extensions are

§ .com − Stands for company/commercial, but it can be used for any website.

§ .net − Stands for network and is usually used for a network of sites.

§ .org − Stands for organization and is supposed to be for non-profit bodies.

§ .info − Stands for information. This domain name extension can be very useful, and as a new comer it's doing well.

§ .tv − Stands for Television and are more appropriate for TV channel sites.

§ .us, .inThey are based on your country names so that you can go for country specific domain extensions

§ .bizA newer extension on the Internet and can be used to indicate that this site is purely related to business.

Domain Name Selection

Domain name should be selected with lot of care because it is your business address.Many people consider it is significant to have keywords in a domain. Keywords in the domain name are typically significant, but it usually can be done while safety the domain name short, memorable, and free of hyphens.

By means of keywords in your domain name stretches you a robust competitive benefit over your participants. Having your keywords in your domain name can rise click through rates on search engine listings and paid ads as well as make it cooler to using your keywords to get keyword rich vivid incoming associations.

Circumvent purchasing long and unclear domain names. Many people discrete the words in their domain names using dashes or hyphen. In earlier the domain name itself was an important ranking factor but now with progressive search engines, it is not an important factor any longer.

Retain two to three words in your domain name − it will be more notable. Some of the most notable websites do a great job of labeling by creating their own words. Instances include eBay, Yahoo!, Expedia, Slashdot, Fark, Wikipedia, Google...

You should be able to say it over the telephone once and the other person should know how to spell it and they should know what you sell.

What are Sub-Domains?

Based on our requirement domain names are sub divided. If you are doing numerous commercial using the same domain, then it would be useful to have sub-domains for every commercial. Following are examples of some sub-domains –

You must have seen as a main domain but Google has created many subdomains based on their business. Some of them are as follows −

§ − this sub domain is being used for Google Adwords.

§ − this sub domain is being used for Google Groups.

§ − this sub domain is being used for Google Images.

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