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What is web analytics? How does it help the users?

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is the methodological study of online/offline marketing activities and trends. It is a technique that helps in defining your website goals, measure the website with goals, reporting, and analyzing your website data in such areas where they don’t perform well. It also helps in optimization of its web usage.
We use web analytics to track key metrics and analyze the performance of visitors’ activity and traffic flow. It is a tactical approach to collect data and generate reports.

Importance of Web Analytics

We need Web Analytics to assess the website traffic and also used for market and its associated business. Using Web Analytics, we can −
  • Measure web content problems so that they could be rectified
  • Need to have a clear perspective of website trends
  • Monitor web traffic and user flow
  • Demonstrate goals acquisition
  • Figure out potential keywords
  • Identify segments for improvement
  • Find out referring sources

Web Analytics Process

The primary source of carrying out Web Analytics is to optimize the website to gain the insight from the visitor’s experience. It gives a data-driven report in order to measure visitors’ flow throughout the website.
Here is the following illustration which depicts the process of web analytics.
  • Set the business goals.
  • To track the goal achievement, set the Key Performance Indicators(KPI).
  • Collect correct and viable data.
  • To extract insights, you need to Analyze data.
  • Based on assumptions that have learned from the data analysis, Test alternatives.
  • Based on either data analysis or website testing, Implement insights.
Web Analytics is continuous process and acts as a communicating channel that helps in developing and maintaining close relationship between clients thereby increasing the value of business in getting return on investment.

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