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What are emerging analytics? What are the trends that you follow?

You need to leverage data to drive insights in order to understand customers’ behavior on your website. There is nothing new in it. what alters in digital world is emerging analytics trends in Social Media, E-commerce, and Mobile, as these are new game changers in digital world.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics helps in gathering data from social media platforms and analyzing it to develop information to make business decisions. It gives powerful customer insight to uncover unnecessary sentiments across online sources. You need to take control over Social Media Analytics in order to predict customers’ behavior, discover patterns and trends, and make quick decisions to improve your online reputation. Social Media Analytics also makes you to identify primary influencers within specific network channels. Some of the popular social media analytics tools are discussed below.

Google Social Analytics

It is a free tool that helps you to add social media results to your analysis report. You get to know the details about your current business. It helps to estimate how many people were interacted with your website through social media and how many of them liked and shared your content.

Sum All

Sum all is nothing but to combine Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus into one dashboard to give you an overall view of what the audience talk about you on the social media. It gives the information about audience response.

Facebook Insights

Facebook plays a major and vital role in your marketing campaign. You need to update yourself with the Facebook data to gain popularity. You need to set up a page for your business to get the insights. It gives you total information about the visitors who visit your page, saw your post, liked your page, and shared it (as shown in the following image).

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics show as to how many impressions has each tweet received, what is your engagement status, and when were you got on peak (see the image given below).

E-commerce Analytics

Business owners need to survive and thrive among tough on going competition. They have to become big decision makers to implement business strategies in order to survive and attain success in the market. This is where Web Analytics play a critical role and crucial role.
E-commerce Analytics let you figure out customers’ acquisition, users’ behavior, and conversion. In Google Analytics, you will get relevant information about your volume of sales, product with revenue, and sources of conversion occurred. You need to keep all this information and also update yourself to find out where your business stands and to boost e-commerce sales, generate leads, and enhance brand awareness.

Mobile Analytics

Mobiles have emerged as one of the most significant tools in the past two decades. It has become very powerful tool for the people who communicate easily. It changes the way people communicate and innovate. This has led to give rise to mobile apps.
Mobile apps have proved easy to access and engaging. Webmasters and online business makers need to take support of mobile apps to make their way perfect and successful. Once you have created the mobile app, you’ll need to acquire new users, engage with them, and earn revenue. For this, you need mobile analytics. It helps marketers to measure their apps better. For example −
  • How many people are using your app
  • How to optimize user experience
  • How to prioritize
  • What operating system to focus on
  • How to visualize navigation path, etc.

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