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What is Water Polo Overview?

This sport tests the player teamwork and endurance. Players should know swimming as the sport is played in water. Along with swimming, players should have skills to catch, throw and pass the ball.

The team that makes highest number of goals will win the match. In order to look different from other teams, players use different colored caps.

History Water Polo

A Brief History of Water Polo

Water Polo originated in Scotland and England. Olden days, the water racing and swimming games are taking much importance and gain popularity. Later in 1900 year, this sport was first introduced in Olympics.

In late 1800’s, first competition was held in Arlington by William Wilson. He is from Great Britain. He set the rules for this sport. They used the Indian rubber to make balls to use them in games.

This sport is even called as water rugby. Initially, the goalie’s position was out of the area and players used physical power to catch hold the ball. Players can jump on their opponents if they try to put the ball on the deck.

Participating Countries

This sport is played by both men and women and this sport has huge craze among people. But the nations that has men teams are more than that of women teams. In men’s sport, Italy, Netherlands, US, Great Britain, Hungary, Yugoslavia are popular in having men’s team. While Greece, Australia, Italy are famous in women’s team category.

International Swimming Federation governs this sport. In FINA league, US and Serbia teams are winning in both men and women category. Italy, Bergamo hosted the last held FINA league championship.

In men’s category, Serbia stood top in the list with nine golds, one silver and one bronze whereas in women’s category, US stood top in the list with nine golds, one silver and one bronze.

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