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Water polo sport tests the players swimming, defensive and wrestling skills. Player should keep swimming all the time with head out which is different from regular swimming. Commonly used is Front claw stroke. To defend players use backstroke in order to advance towards the opposite team.

The Eggbeater Method

Eggbeater method is used generally for trading in water. To be in stable position, players move their legs in circular position. It can be done in two ways.

  • Horizontal Eggbeater
  • Vertical Eggbeater

In order to block the ball and oppose other team, Horizontal eggbeater is used. For keeping them above the opponent, Vertical eggbeater is used.

Eggbeater Method

In this method, six players are given roles of defender and attacker and a goal keeper. Idea behind this game is to score points by throwing balls in the goalpost. The function of goal keeper is to stop the opponent team from scoring a goal. Players should swim to the other end and pass the ball in between to finally secure a point.

Players can remain floating for long time using eggbeater method. Players need to touch the ball with only one hand. Some of the ball handling skills are as below.

Picking up the Ball

Players should have a nice hold on the ball while picking it up. They can catch hold the ball from anywhere. To shoot the ball, players usually grab the ball on the water. Picking is the only purpose of the players when it comes to under water.

Moving the Ball

Players are not allowed to push the ball under water, if done then the ball is transferred to opponent team.

Passing the Ball

In water polo, there are two ways to pass the ball.

  • Dry passing
  • Wet passing

Dry passing is when the ball is transferred from one player to other without touching the water. Using back spin, the dry passing can be done easily.

Passing the Ball

While the player is use several ways to pass the ball, opponent team uses the eggbeater method to keep themselves on top position and block the ball. Usually, this method is followed to put the ball back on water.

Shooting the Ball

Players can use their any body part to make a goal except a clenched fist. Its very difficult to beat the goal keeper. So from very short range the players hit the ball towards the goal by a gentle tap on it.

In order to make a long distance goals, players should generate huge power to the ball by driving it with 70 -90 kmph speed. There is also other kind of shot called bounce shot where the ball is pushed and after hitting the water the path changes to the goal. Using lob shot, players can use long curve in shooting the ball to goal post.

Fouls in Water Polo

Because of minor mistakes, fouls are resulted out which give advantage to other team by free throw chance. There are major fouls that can even make the team players to out of the game such as players becoming physically more aggressive.

Fouls in Water Polo

On an average about 3 km distance is covered in all 4 rounds of the match. One way to eject is by punching under water. Players are found defending the opposite team members leading to foul but most of the times match is continued unless it is a major foul.

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