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What are the variants of Volleyball?

Volleyball is an exceptionally adaptable game and can be altered to suit us. It can be played both inside and outside. Here are some well-known variations of volleyball played to enhance wellness or only for the sake of entertainment.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is extremely famous and is played between two teams of two players each. In spite of the fact that it is enlivened from volleyball, it is authoritatively perceived by FIVB as a different game. An game roused from beach volleyball is played in an indoor sand court and is called as indoor sand volleyball.


Sepak Takraw

This is an extremely antiquated diversion played hundreds of years back in Philippines, Indonesia and Laos and is prominent crosswise over Asia. The guidelines are fundamentally the same as that of volleyball, aside from that players don't utilize their hands however shoot a customary rattan ball with their heads, middles and legs.


Shooting Volleyball

This is an Indian variation of volleyball and is additionally played in parts of Pakistan. An additional seventh player in each team remains close to the net and is known as the net man. He shoots the ball as high as could be expected under the circumstances and entices the rivals into making a fault. The ball is like handball and the court has the measurements 35 x 70 ft.


Sitting Volleyball

This players sit and play volleyball in a littler 10 x 6 meter court. Despite the fact that players sit amid the diversion, it is a fascinating quick paced game and required great stamina and ability. Sitting volleyball occasion for men and ladies is incorporated into Summer Paralympics.


Aquatic Volleyball

Aquatic volleyball is played in shallow swimming pools or shallow beachs. It is additionally called pool volleyball or aquapolo.


Other Variations

There are different varieties of volleyball like Wally ball, nine-man; played crosswise over Asia and the United States. Some of these were generally played and some advanced to suit their inclinations. These games are played with various types of balls, hand balls, medication balls and so forth. Some of these are played in courts of various estimations, some even in a racquetball court. Some others are played with more players.

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