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What is VersionOne Task?

In this section, we will talk over what a task in VersionOne is. Tasks are connected to the approximation in hours to succeed a backlog item. A backlog item can have several numbers of tasks to complete the item. It is a user’s accountability to add all the tasks that need to be done to complete the backlog item. All tasks must be added on day 1 of the sprint. Though, tasks can be added and edited all over the sprint if essential.

Add Task

Task signifies the work that is necessary to complete the backlog item. A user can add a task into backlog items such as story, defect, and test sets, etc.

Follow these steps to add a task into backlog item –

  • Navigate to the backlog items by clicking on title, summary or unique id from anywhere in VersionOne.
  • It unlocks the backlog information page.
  • Currently, click on Edit → Add Task at the right side.


  • Click on Show Relationship down the page. Go to the Task section, click on Add Inline or Add Task as revealed in the screenshot underneath –


  • When a user chooses Add Inline, it appends a row into task where a user enters Title, Owner, Status, Detail Estimated Hrs. and To Do Hrs.
  • After entering the information, click on the Save button as shown below


  • When a user chooses Add Task, it unlocks a new window to add a task and ask to enter information. It has some extra details like Build, Description, Tag, Type, Source and References.
  • After entering the niceties, click on save as shown in the screenshot below –


Burn Hours

Burn hours mean chasing the efforts put in for a task. For instance, if a task has full projected hours as 8hr and a user has spent 2 hours on a specific day for the similar task, it is vital to alter the left over hours for the task as 6hrs (8-2=6). With this, the hours mechanically get updated to 2 hours.

Follow these steps to burn the hours −

  • Go to the task where a user has used up the time and click on the Edit link current compared to each row.


  • It unlocks the Task Information page in the edit mode. A user can edit the information of the task by means of this option.
  • Scroll down the page and find the To Do Hours field.
  • Substitute the To Do hours with the left over hours. (Detail Estimated Hrs – Time Spent in this task).
  • After that click on the Save button as shown in the screenshot below –


Close/Quick Close a Task

When all effort of a task is finished, it can be shut to claim the work done in the sprint as well as backlog item. A sealed task can be re-opened later if necessitate. In this unit, we will talk over how to close a task.

Follow these steps to close a task −

  • Go to the Task and click on the Edit dropdown → Close Task or Quick Close Task option as shown below –


  • When a user chooses Close Task, it unlocks a new window where a user enters the outstanding To Do Hours typically as 0.00 and selects the status as Completed.
  • Currently, click on the Close Task button as shown in the screenshot below –


  • If a user chooses the Quick Close option, it spontaneously alters the status as Finished and closes the task.
  • After getting closed, the task title and the id are struck out. The Edit button is substituted by the Reopen Task button as shown below –


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