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What is VersionOne Search?

VersionOne ropes the search functionality, it assistances to find exact information within VersionOne as well as narrow down the showed details.
Search functionality is considered into two −

  • Quick Search − Search for open worksites, Discussions and Community Topics.
  • Advanced Search − If a user needs to search Closed or Deleted Workitems, use Advanced Search.

Quick Search

Quick search is merely a wild card search where VersionOne attempts to get all records that fulfil the text match. Follow these steps for quick search −

  • Quick Search is situated at utility bar, on the top of every page.
  • It searches open worksites, conversations and community topics.
  • A user can type 3 characters or ID into the search text box. If a user pauses after typing 3 characters, a preview of matching Open workitems displays. If a user keeps typing, the matching results become more refined.

The following screenshot shows how to use quick search –

backlog_items_defects (1)

Advance Search

VersionOne ropes the advance search functionality. It aids to make available precise data that a user wants to search. Follow these steps for advance search −

  • In progress search, a user can search exact asset type, closed and deleted workitems as well.
  • To open the Advanced Search page, click on Quick Search box and then press ENTER/RETURN key.
  • On the other hand, a user can click on the Search icon existing after the search text box as shown below –


The Advanced Search page unlocks in a new window. A user can type a word that is to be examined and click on Search.

  • Moreover, before/after clicking search, a user can slim down the search more by selecting the Open/Closed/Delete checkboxes. Following screenshot displays how to do advance search –


Additional Options

In this unit, we will talk over the extra choices to search data.

  • Change the sort order − Click on a column header to change the sort order. By default, the search results are sorted by the items most recently changed.
  • View results by asset type − Click on a tab to filter the list by asset type.
  • View item details − Click on an item to open the information page.

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