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What is VersionOne Product Planner?

Product Planning is the real start of the project. In this stage, Product Owner works with excess items to arrange, train and guess.

In this episode, we will talk over how to plan the backlog items and how to accomplish them in the sprint level.

Points to Note

In this unit, we will go over some significant points that essential to be measured in product planning.

  • Product Planning is the action where Product Owners classify, establish and train the Backlog to make it. The development/testing/BA team(s) works on this aspect. If preparation does not occur correctly, sprint works disturb the efficiency and timeline of project..
  • It includes managing the backlog items, test sets and flaws that describe the updates going into the product.
  • These items form the backlog and are classified by importance so they can be arranged into releases/projects and sprints.
  • Product Planner is separated into two sections – Planning and Input. The Planning section consists of −
    • Backlog − It is used for planning and ordering of Responsive backlog in list view.
    • Backlog Groups − It offers the hierarchical functional alliances used to segment the backlog.
    • Backlog Goals − It offers the quantifiable targets to drive the project effort into a appropriate direction.
  • The input section consists of −
    • Requests − These are produced by customers/stakeholders who support the assets/backlog.
    • Issues − It captures roadblocks or needs or other topics that affect the project directly or indirectly.
    • Regression Tests − These are templates for Acceptance Tests.
    • Templates − It is the normal template that is used to arrange stories/defects/backlog items.
    • Import − It is the normal template that is used to arrange stories/defects/backlog items.


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