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How to access VersionOne free trail?

VersionOne offers free trial for 30 days to disclose users. The free trial version of VersionOne arises with elementary features. TestRail has other plans as well with different progressive types and add-ins. The cost rest on on the products that come along.

VersionOne has the following different products:

  • Team
  • Ultimate
  • Catalyst
  • Enterprise

VersionOne Team is permitted for Single Team with simple features for other products VersionOne provides 30days trial period.

By visiting a user can see the different available plans for trying purpose.


Setup for Free Trials

To use the free trial version, one time simple setup is essential. It comprises recording into VersionOne by providing basic information and getting personal URL at email to access the VersionOne.

In the resulting steps, we will learn how to set up the VersionOne while retrieving it for the first time −

Visit and click on Try Free at the top right as shown in the following screenshot –


It unlocks aelementary form to make a VersionOne account.

  • Enter the niceties at resulting fields as shown in the resulting screenshots −
    • Name, Organization, Designation, Number and Country. These are simple particulars of user and useful to set up profile after retrieving the VersionOne. These niceties help to uphold unique user idea. A user cannot go in duplicate records to register.
    • Email − Please note, it accepts gmail, yahoo, outlook. It can be business email as well.


After entering all the particulars, check the checkbox for Term & Services and click on “Start Your Free TRIAL”.


It will show the following page where a user must generate password and provide Project/Sprint name. Now, click on Set Up.


Upon clicking Set Up, VersionOne produces the private URL and account to access free trial and send the email, providing into the form at the 1st page.


An Email will look like as in the resulting screenshot –


  • By visiting the specified URL, a user will get login page for VersionOne.

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