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Excel contains a Visual Basic toolbar that groups actions for manipulating macros. To view this toolbar choose View > Toolbars and select Visual Basic.The toolbar include buttons for the following:

  • Run Macro displays the Macros dialog box, in which any currently available macro can be selected to run.
  • Record Macro displays the Record Macro dialog box. Note that when the Visual Basic toolbar is on screen, the Record Macro button appears depressed; clicking can stop the macro.
  • Security Button displays the Security dialog box where you can select the security level. There are three levels from high where macros are only accepted by the system from trusted sources, to protect against macro viruses, to low with no protection. The default level is medium.
  • Visual Basic Editor switches to the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Control Toolbox toggles the display of the Control Toolbox toolbar.This lets you add controls such as buttons, edit boxes, and so on,to Excel worksheets.
  • Design Mode switches the current document to Design mode; it also displays the Control Toolbox.The Design mode button is another toggle button (toggling between Exit Design and Design mode).
  • Microsoft Script Editor activates an editor that enables the creation of HTML and XML pages.

The Visual Basic toolbar

The Visual Basic toolbar

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