Beep Procedure VB.NET



Sounds a tone through the computer's speaker


Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • We have found the Beep statement to be completely unreliable, and therefore we never use it in applications intended for distribution.
  • If you do decide to use the Beep statement, please remember that its overuse will not endear you to your users!
  • The frequency and duration of the tone depends on the computer's hardware. Bear in mind that on some systems, a mouse click is louder than the beep!
  • Since the successful operation of the Beep statement does not require the presence of any multimedia hardware (such as a sound card, for example), it can be used when a system is not configured to support sound. For example, if the following is defined in the declarations section of a code module:

then the following procedure takes advantage of any existing sound hardware to play a wave file or simply beeps the built-in PC speaker if no sound hardware is found.

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