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What are UNIX / Linux Shell Manage Help?

All the UNIX commands come with a number of possible and fixed options. It is very general to forget the absolute syntax of these commands.
Because no one can probably consider every UNIX command and all its options, we have online help accessible to mitigate this right from when UNIX was at its improvement phase.
UNIX’s version of Help files is called man pages. If there is a command name and you are not positive how to use it, then Man Pages help you out with each step.


Here is the easy command that helps you get the detail of any UNIX command while working with the system –


understand there is a command that require you to get help; assume that you want to know about pad then you simply want to use the following command –

The above command helps you with the entire information about the pwdcommand. Try it yourself at your command quick to get more detail.

You can get whole aspect on man command itself using the following command –

Man Page Sections

Man pages are commonly separated into sections, which normally vary by the man page author's favourite. Following table lists some common sections −

S.No. Section & Description
Name of the command
General usage parameters of the command
Describes what the command does
Describes all the arguments or options to the command
Lists other commands that are directly related to the command in the man page or closely resemble its functionality
Explains any known issues or bugs that exist with the command or its output
Common usage examples that give the reader an idea of how the command can be used
The author of the man page/command

To sum it up, man pages are a vital supply and the first possibility of research when you require information about commands or files in a UNIX system.

Useful Shell Commands

The following link gives you a list of the most main and very repeatedly used Unix Shell commands.
If you do not know how to use any command, then use man page to get total fact about the command.
Here is the list of Unix Shell - Useful Commands

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