What is Analysis and Design? - UML

Analysis emphasizes an investigation of the problem and requirements, rather than a solution. For example, if a new online trading system is desired, how will it be used? What are its functions? "Analysis" is a broad term, best qualified, as in requirements analysis (an investigation of the requirements) or object - oriented analysis (an investigation of the domain objects).

Design emphasizes a conceptual solution (in software and hardware) that fulfills the requirements, rather than its implementation. For example, a description of a database schema and software objects. Design ideas often exclude low - level or "obvious" details - obvious to the intended consumers. Ultimately, designs can be implemented, and the implementation (such as code) expresses the true and complete realized design.

As with analysis, the term is best qualified, as in object - oriented design or database design. Useful analysis and design have been summarized in the phrase do the right thing (analysis), and do the thing right (design).

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