Use Cases and the Use-Case Model - UML

The UP defines the Use - Case Modelwithin the Requirements discipline. Primarily, this is the set of all written use cases; it is a model of the system's functionality and environment.

The Use - Case Model is not the only requirement artifact in the UP. There are also the Supplementary Specification, Glossary, Vision, and Business Rules. These are all useful for requirements analysis, but secondary at this point.

The Use - Case Model may optionally include a UML use case diagram to show the names of use cases and actors, and their relationships. This gives a nice context diagramof a system and its environment. It also provides a quick way to list the use cases by name.

There is nothing object - oriented about use cases; we're not doing 00 analysis when writing them. That's not a problem - use cases are broadly applicable, which increases their usefulness. That said, use cases are a key requirements input to classic OOA / D.

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