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A UML keyword is a textual adornment to categorize a model element. For example, the keyword to categorize that a classifier box is an interface is (shocking surprise!) «interface». Figure illustrates the «interface» keyword. The «actor» keyword was used on to replace the human stick - figure actor icon with a class box to model computer - system or robotic actors.

Guideline: When sketching UML - when we want speed, ease, and creative flow - modelers often simplify keywords to something like '<interface>' or '<I>'.

Most keywords are shown in guillemet (« »)2 but some are shown in curly braces, such as [abstract}, which is a constraint containing the abstract keyword. In general, when a UML element says it can have a "property string" - such as a UML operation and UML association end have - some of the property string terms will be keywords (and some may be user defined terms) used in the curly brace format.

Figure illustrates both the «interface» and (abstract) keywords.

A few sample predefined UML keywords include:

UML Keywords

UML Keywords

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