Phase and Iteration Plans - UML

At a macro level, it is possible to establish milestone dates and objectives, but at the micro level, the plan to the milestone is left flexible except for the near future (for example, the next four weeks). These two levels are reflected in the UP Phase Plan and Iteration Plan, both of which are part of the composite Software Development Plan. The Phase Plan lays out the macro - level milestone dates and objectives, such as the end of phases and mid - phase pilot test milestones. The Iteration Plan defines the work for the current and next iteration - not all iterations.

During inception, the milestone estimates in the Phase Plan are vague "guesstimates." As elaboration progresses, the estimates improve. One goal of the elaboration phase is, at its completion, to have enough realistic information for the team to commit to major milestone dates and objectives for the end of construction and transition (that is. project delivery).

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