How to Model SSDs involving Other External Systems? - UML

SSDs can also be used to illustrate collaborations between systems, such as between the NextGen POS and the external credit payment authorizer. However, this is deferred until a later iteration in the case study, since this iteration does not include remote systems collaboration.

What SSD Information to Place in the Glossary?

The elements shown in SSDs (operation name, parameters, return data) are terse. These may need proper explanation so that during design it is clear what is coming in and going out. The Glossary is a great place for these details.

For example, in Figure, there is a return line containing the description "change due, receipt" That's a vague description about the receipt - a complex report. So, the UP Glossary can have a receipt entry, that shows sample receipts (perhaps a digital picture), and detailed contents and layout.

Example: Monopoly SSD

SSD for a Play Monopoly Game scenario

SSD for a Play Monopoly Game scenario

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