"Analysis" Discoveries During Design: Domain Model - UML

Observe that in the Adapter design in Figure, the getTaxes operation returns a list of TaxLineltems. That is, on deeper reflection and investigation of how taxes are handled and tax Calculators work, the modeler (me) realized that a list of tax line items are associated with a sale, such as state tax, federal tax, and so forth (there is always the chance governments will invent new taxes!).

In addition to being a newly created software class in the Design Model, this is a domain concept. It is normal and common to discover noteworthy domain concepts and refined understanding of the requirements during design or programming - iterative development supports this kind of incremental discovery.

Should this discovery be reflected in the Domain Model (or Glossary)? If the Domain Model will be used in the future as a source of inspiration for later design work, or as a visual learning aid to communicate the key domain concepts, then adding it could have value. Figure illustrates an updated Domain Model.

Figure 26.4 Updated partial Domain Model

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