Ui Path Interview Questions & Answers

Ui Path Interview Questions

Want to switch your career in to Ui Path? Looking for interview question and answers to clear the Ui Path interview in first attempt. Then we have provided the complete set of Ui Path interview question and answers on our site page. To be precise about Ui Path, UiPath is a chief Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help administrations professionally automate business processes. If you are good at Ui path concepts then there are various leading companies that offers job in various roles like Application Developer .NET/UIPATH, RPA Blueprism/automation Anywhere/ui Path, RPA - Automation Anywhere/uipath /win automation /blueprism along with that there are many other roles too. For more details on UI PATH jobs and interview question and answers visit our site www.wisdomjobs.com.


Ui Path Interview Questions And Answers

Ui Path Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Uipath?

      Answer :

      Converting tedious tasks to total UI automation , UiPath Studio is a complete software solution that enables you to carry out repetitive tasks of your back office, easy and speedy.

    2. Question 2. What Are The Differences Between Blue Prism And Uipath?

      Answer :

      Both come across as good tools  and both have their own softwares. UI and BP, both have graphic process designers for developing the solutions.


      In terms of programming languages:

      • Blue Prism Uses C# for coding
      • UiPath uses VB for coding

      In terms of Control Room/Dashboard:

      • BP has client based servers, accessible only through their apps
      • UiPath control room – The Orchestrator – is web based, accessible through browser or mobile

      In terms of cost and uses:

      • UiPath is more affordable
      • It’s easier to learn on your own and operate
      • It’s a cake walk finding study material online

    3. Question 3. What Is The Difference Between Thin Client And Thick Client?

      Answer :

      Thin client: It’s basically any application where we cannot get quality properties, while spying (using any RPA tool). For e.g.  Citrix or any virtual environment.

      Thick client: It’s any application where we get handful of attribute properties (using RPA tools).For e.g. calculator, Internet explorer.

    4. Question 4. What Is Rpa?

      Answer :

      RPA also known as Robotic process automation which a type of application related to technology that will help the employees working in some company to construct any software or maybe a robot that will help to capture and help in understanding the application which is used for manipulating the date, transaction processing, communication and for triggering responses. 

    5. Question 5. What Is Uipath Automation?

      Answer :

      Uipath is the vendor for the leading automation process of robotics. It actually helps in providing a software platform which will help in an organization like automate business. The main objective of the software robot is to help in the manipulation of the application’s layer of presentation like the way any human will do. 

    6. Question 6. Difference Between Uipath Vs Selenium?

      Answer :

      Selenium has been designed for testing the web applications or website. A selenium can't interact with a huge number of applications. It is unable to use one’s application’s output and use them as a new input for another application and is not compatible with the virtual environments like the Citrix. 

      Whereas Uipath generally designs the software process that helps in automation. It is a sort of RPA tool which will help in performing activities like the human.

    7. Question 7. What Is Value And Scope Of Data Types In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Variable is used for storing data. You can also change the value of the variable. When some data is stored within some variable then that value can be of many types. In uipath, there is a huge number of data types starting from text number, generic value, time, date and data tables. 

    8. Question 8. What Are Arguments In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Argument helps the program to creates some arguments where you can also make some changes. In arguments, you have to mention the name which is mandatory. Write about the direction and select the argument type whether they are a string, object, Int 32 or array.

    9. Question 9. What Are Properties In Uipath?

      Answer :

      In uipath, you can use a lot of activities which is used for automating the apps of the web apps which you can see in the activity panel under the category of UI automation. The common properties of these activities are ContinueOnError, Delay After, Delay Before, TimeoutMS, WaitForReady, and target.

    10. Question 10. What Are Flowchart Activities In Uipath?

      Answer :

      The flowchart is generally used for various settings. It helps in large jobs as well as in small projects and you can also use them in different projects. Flowcharts help in presenting multiple branching of logical operators, helps in building complex business and for connecting the activities in many ways.

    11. Question 11. What Is Flow Switch In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Flow switch and flow decision are the same things but it has one difference and that is in the flow switch each branch of the flow switch is known as flow step and is not just restricted to true or false branch. 

    12. Question 12. What Are Sequence Activities In Uipath?

      Answer :

      The sequence is actually the small type of projects which are suitable mainly for linear processes and will enable you to switch from one activity to the another seamlessly. It actually acts as a single activity block. You can reuse them for many times.

    13. Question 13. What Is State Machine In Uipath?

      Answer :

      When a machine is using a certain number of states for automation during the execution it is known as the state machine. It will only switch from one state to another if any action is triggered.

    14. Question 14. What Is Branching In Uipath Rpa?

      Answer :

      When it comes to branching in uipath there comes a “condition”.  This condition is used when an activity is having more than one solution occurs after a certain condition. Condition statement will help the program to determine what behavior should be shown when any condition will be selected. 

    15. Question 15. How Do You Create A Project In Uipath?

      Answer :

      For creating a project in uipath you will have to create a folder with your name and then select a particular location. So the new folder will get saved in the default directory.

    16. Question 16. Explain About Recording In Uipath Studio?

      Answer :

      Uipath has 4 recordings. They are Basic, desktop, web, and Citrix. 

      Basic:  It is used for the generation of the full selector for every activity but has no container. Hence the automation is much slower but is good for the single activities. 

      Desktop:  It is great for multiple actions and desktop apps. It is much faster than the basic and uses the container where the activities will be enclosed and will also have partial selector. 

      Web:  It is used for recording in the web pages and for browsing. It also generates the container. 

      Citrix:  It is used for recording of virtualized environments, permits texts, images and the keyboard automation. 

    17. Question 17. What Are Selectors And Wildcards In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Wildcrafts helps in replacing the strings. It is helpful when you will deal with the attributes which are changing dynamically in the selector. And the selector helps in automatically generating the selection by using the wildcraft.

    18. Question 18. Why Do You Perform Data Scraping In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Data scraping helps in enabling the extraction of structured data, document or application. Structured data is a group of information that is organized and presented in a predictable pattern.

    19. Question 19. What Is The Assign Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      We need the assign activity because it helps in assigning values to the variables. Mostly they are used when there is a need for incrementing the variable's value when there is a loop. You can add the value and then store them to another variable or it helps in assigning the value to some array. 

    20. Question 20. What Is The Delay Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Uipath uses the delay activity for making you pause or stop the automation for some period. This is mainly used in projects where you need good timing like waiting and then start of some particular applications or waiting for information processing which you can use in the different activity.

    21. Question 21. What Is The Do While Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Do while helps in enabling the programme to execute the specific part of an automation when the condition will be true. If the condition is not true then the loop won't be executed. This activity is used for step through the element present in the array or it also helps in executing any particular activity for many times. You can use counters for keeping track of the increment. 

    22. Question 22. What Is The If Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      If activity is used when you will deal with two conditions where the first statement will get executed if the condition is true while the second one will get executed when the statement will be false. When the variable will have values then the if statement is basically used. 

    23. Question 23. What Is The Switch Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      The switch activity helps you to choose one out of the others based on the specified values of the expressions. Switch activity uses integer argument as default but you can easily change it by going to the properties panel and selecting the required Type Argument list. It helps in categorizing the data depending on the case number. 

    24. Question 24. What Is The While Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      This activity helps in processing a specific activity repeatedly when a particular condition is true. The primary difference between while and do while is that in the former one the condition will be evaluated first and then the loop will be executed.

    25. Question 25. What Is The For Each Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      This statement helps in enabling the step with the help of arrays, data tables, lists or any other sort of collections. It enables you to iterate the data and then process every information individually. 

    26. Question 26. What Is The Break Activity In Uipath?

      Answer :

      With the help of break activity, you can easily stop a particular loop at any chosen point and at that time you can continue with any other activity.

    27. Question 27. What Is Package Manager In Uipath?

      Answer :

      With the help of package manager, you can easily download the activity packages, frameworks, libraries, wrappers etc and you can also check the ones which are already present in the container and you can also update them or add or remove them. All these features are only possible because of manage packages window which you can easily open by clicking the package manager button by pressing on the activity panel.

    28. Question 28. What Is Project Debugging In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Debugging is used for identifying as well as showing the error for a particular project. It has breakpoints and logging and it is a type of powerful functionality which will help you to gather information about the project and will highlight the errors step by step. Logging helps you to know what your projects are going through when the programming is done and is shown in the output panel. Which helps in making the process of debugging easier. Whereas breakpoints help in pausing the execution of your project to helps you check the state of the program at a particular point. 

    29. Question 29. What Is Automatic Recording In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Automation recording is used as they are very much useful plus it can save you a lot of time. As this automatic recording will provide a skeleton of the entire business processes so you can easily parameterize and customise the project. 

    30. Question 30. What Is Publishing An Automation Project Means In Uipath?

      Answer :

      Publishing of the automation package indicates archiving it and the related files present in particular folder for sending it to robots and then executing it. When you will be connected to the orchestrator then the project will go to the orchestrator field and then it will be displayed on packages page. And from this place, you can easily distribute them to the other robots after you assign some packages to the environment. Otherwise, it will get stored locally in the studio feed.

    31. Question 31. What Are Ui Activities Properties In Uipath?

      Answer :

      There are different types of activities which are used in the web pages or in automating apps and you can easily find them in the section of activities panel categorized under UI automation. These UI activities have many properties in common. 

      ContinueOnError:  Even when the activity will show error still, the automation will continue its work. This field works in the boolean values. False is the default value in here. The project won't show any error if the activity on this field is set to true inside the try catch.

      Delay After:  It helps in pausing the activity.

      Delay Before:  It helps to pause before any activity. 

      TimeoutMS:  It helps in finding the element before the error is shown. 

      WaitForReady:  It will wait until the target is ready and before you perform the activity. 

      Target:  It helps in identifying the element in UI before the activity starts.

    32. Question 32. How Can You Enable Image And Text-based Process Automation?

      Answer :

      If you want to enable the image and text-based process automation, you will have to see that the uipath has some features that will simulate the keyboard or mouse input, like hovering, clicking, text recognition, OCR activities etc that helps for identifying by UI elements by screen scraping. Image or text automation is basically used in the situations where the UI automation won't work like in the environment of the virtual machine or in the places where finding selectors by using the normal methods is not easy. 

    33. Question 33. What Is Citrix Automation In Uipath? Do You Have Any Experience In Virtual Machine Automation?

      Answer :

      The virtual machine is the emulation of the computer science. If you efficiently want to process the automation in the Citrix machines then you will need techniques and tool. The Citrix automation in uipath is used for operating the virtual machine.

    34. Question 34. Does Blue Prism Require Coding?

      Answer :

      Blue Prism’s digital workforce is fabricated, managed and asserted by the user or customer. Spanning operations and technology, it sticks to an enterprise-wide robotic operating model. It is code-free and can computerize any software.

      The digital workforce can be applied to automate processes in any department where managerial or administrative work is performed over an organization.

    35. Question 35. Is Robotic Automation Like Screen Scraping Or Macros?

      Answer :

      No, managerial Robotic Automation is a generation on ahead from old technologies like screen scratching or macros.


      Robots are universal application orchestrators – any application that can be used by a man can be used by a present day robot, whether mainframe, bespoke application, legacy, web service enabled or even a close 3rd party API hosted service.

      Robots assemble procedural knowledge, which after some time, joins a shared library that can re-used by some other robot or device.

      Applications are “read” by the robot, either through submitted APIs where they exist, through the OS before application appear, or through the screen with respect to the native application. In this last case, the modern robot “reads” an application screen in context and in the same way a user does. As part of the robot training it is shown how to read the application’s display much like a user.

    36. Question 36. Is Blue Prism An Rpa Tool?

      Answer :

      Yes, Blue Prism is an RPA Tool.

    37. Question 37. What Systems Can Blue Prism Robotically Integrate?

      Answer :

      Blue Prism has incorporated several years of experience of integration and various technologies into its software. The technologies used are secure, reliable and robust. Instead of creating new adaptors for e unique applications, we have developed technology adaptors for all the technologies employed at the presentation layer - Windows, Web, Java, Green Screen/Mainframe and even Citrix.

      This, consolidated with a broad assortment of dedicated tools with developed means, that we are confident in, in being able to link any system with the click of a button. This proven application orchestration ability ensures that new processes can be quickly designed, built and tested without any impact on existing systems.

    38. Question 38. What Hardware Infrastructure Do I Need To Run Blue Prism Robotic Automation Platform?

      Answer :

      Blue Prism has been exclusively designed for flexibility and to meet the most robust IT standards, for IT operational integrity, security and supportability. The software can be deployed either as a front office or back office process, running quite happily on a standard desktop in the front office or on any scale of systems for back office processing.

    39. Question 39. What Is Process Studio?

      Answer :

      A Blue Prism Process is created as a diagram that looks like a business flow diagram. Processes are created in a zone of Blue Prism named Process Studio which looks similar to other process modelling applications and uses standard flow diagram symbols and notation.

    40. Question 40. What Is Robotic Automation?

      Answer :

      Robotic automation is a type of automation where a machine or computer mimics a human’s action in completing rules based tasks.

    41. Question 41. What Is Blue Prism Robotic Automation?

      Answer :

      Robotic Automation implies process automation where computer software drives existing enterprise application software in the same way that a user does. Automation is a gadget or stage that operates other application software through the existing application UI.

    42. Question 42. Is Blue Prism Robotic Automation Platform Secure And Auditable?

      Answer :

      • Security and auditability are consolidated into the Blue Prism robotic automation platform at various levels. The runtime environment is totally separate to the process editing environment.
      • Approvals to design, create, edit and run processes and business objects are specific to each authorized user.
      • A full audit trail of changes to any process is kept, and comparisons of before and after effect, of changes are provided.
      • The log created at run-time for each process provides a detailed, time-stamped history of every action and decision taken within an automated process.
      • Our clients tend to find that running a process with Blue Prism gives them a lot more control than a manual process, and from a compliance point of view that assures processes are run consistently, in line with the process definition.

    43. Question 43. How Do I Get Started On Delivering Processes Using Blue Prism?

      Answer :

      Blue Prism acclaims a phased approach to getting started as the Operational Agility framework is very scalable. It is typical to target the configuration of 1 and 10 processes initially, with a rolling program of processes being introduced once the outline is established.

    44. Question 44. What Support Do I Need From Blue Prism Professional Services?

      Answer :

      It genuinely depends on the capacities you already have in house and the way you wish to work. Blue Prism can give a full extent of services from basic training, reinforcing and mentoring with a view to quickly get your team independently delivering ongoing automations, right through to a full turnkey package, where we will take responsibility for delivering business benefit within agreed service levels.

    45. Question 45. Why Blue Prism?

      Answer :


      • Supports both internal and external Encryption/Decryption Keys
      • Automation process can be designed within IT Governance
      • High-level Robustness because of .NET customized code within the process automation
      • Provides Audit Logs enabling

    46. Question 46. How Much Does Robotic Automation Cost?

      Answer :

      A “fully loaded” office robot is around 1/3rd the cost of universally sourced agents. The flexibility and ease of disposition means that this comparison is easy to maintain and judge the nested method to a given task.

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