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What is Ubuntu Word Writer?

The Word Writer comes in-worked in Ubuntu and is accessible in the Software launcher.


The icon is surrounded in red in the above screenshot. When we click on the icon, the writer will launch.


We can begin composing in the Writer as we regularly would do in Microsoft Word.


Saving Documents

To save a report, simply click on the save menu option as appeared in the following screenshot.


Indicate the area, the name of the file and then click the Save button.


Creating New Documents

To make another record, pick the new menu option as appeared in the following screenshot. It demonstrates an option to make different sorts of documents.


Opening an Existing Document

To open an existing record, pick the option of opening an existing archive from the file menu options as appeared in the following screenshot. The option icon is enclosed in red.


When the open menu option is clicked, it gives an exchange box an option to pick the file which should be opened. Click on the coveted file and then click Open


Working with Tables

Tables can be embedded utilizing the Insert table option as appeared in the following screenshot.


When the table has been included, we would then be able to deal with the table as we would on Microsoft Word.


To include extra lines and segments work to the table, right-click on the table and pick the different table options accessible.


You can likewise work with the arrangement of the content utilizing the different textual style options in the toolbar of Word Writer.


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