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How the Strategy is defined on Twitter?

All the marketing activity performed right from tweeting to cold-calling is done for accomplishing the end goals of the brand. The content used for the same should always be discoverable and interesting at the same time should match to the goals and interests of the business.

What should be shared on Twitter?

In order to attract the target audience what content has to be shared, the following points need to be considered:

  • What industries are being targeting?
  • Is the value required, being provided?
  • What are the demographics?
  • What key terms are they searching to solve their problems?
  • Are the customers/clients/community members restricted to a certain geolocation?

When engaging on twitter, marketers follow the principle of 80/20, implying that 80% are to be focused on attracting the customers by retweet, replies and likes. Once the rapport is build, the direct offers and promotions can be offered which drives the followers to take actions.

How to know the performance of Tweets?

The performance of the tweets can be identified by the reaction of the followers. The list of people who unfollow can be tracked on twitter, by using Daily digests about the way people are interacting, the follows and unfollws can be opted. The exact reason for the unfollows cannot be known but some insight can be built.

How to build the brand on Twitter?

The following are the key points to be employed to build brand on twitter:

  • The brand name is used as the Twitter name so that it can be reminded.
  • The business logo can be used as the Twitter portfolio photo for branding the business.
  • To keep the brand name in the stream of Twitter, tweet at least 10 to 20 times a day.
  • The tweets with the links to the valuable content need to be scheduled.
  • Reply to each and everything.
  • In order to build strong brand image on Twitter, give back as much as possible.
  • Follow at least two new people a day.
  • Anyone who follows need to be followed back. Click on Followers and then follow anyone in the stream who are not connected with.


How to boost the business credibility on Twitter?

The perceptions on the credibility of the message are affected by the username. The messages associated with topical usernames obtain higher credibility than the messages with the traditional names and Internet names.

Here are some tips on credibility boosting −

  • The business ideas and the tweets shared should get reflected in the Bio section of the profile. To unfollow is much to be decided than to follow.
  • Headshots are used such that it enables to convey more about the personality.
  • Non-standard grammar is the greatest hampering factor in credibility on Twitter. If desired to be credible avoid writing messages with short or few letters.
  • Real value has to be provided to people as people hate to be being spammed.
  • The questions need to be answered, videos are to be shared, articles are to be written and other people’s content need to be retweeted which is felt as relevant to the market. The tweets are recognized by the followers as valuable and useful to them.
  • Within the Niche new authorities are to be identified and become twitter friends with them and try to develop real friendship. This facilitates in retweeting their content and updating about the latest trends and thus may lead to some of the joint ventures.

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